Hi Everyone!  


        So we’ve been dancing on Pride stages for ages.  Two years ago, we were denied a stage and danced on the street!  This year, not even a street! Sooooo…

        You are invited to participate in Rainbow Ballroom Toronto’s Distance Dancing Project.  Here’s how it will work:


    1. You will be sent a recording of the song “Face the Music and Dance” in mp3 and a video of George Stewart singing it.


    2. You will set up your phone in your favourite space and record yourself interpreting the music.  There will be a twenty-second joint choreography in the middle for us to do together.  The 20-second joint choreography will be included in the package that we will send to all participants.


    3. Don’t forget to dress up - sequins, boas, sparkles, etc.!  Perhaps a costume of a former Pride performance.

    4. Finally, you will send your video to us.  These files can be large so it might be tricky.  WhatsApp, Googledocs, Dropbox are some options.  Please send your video to rainbowballroomtoronto@gmail.com . If there are challenges here, we can work together to problem solve this.

    The editor will make a video so we can virtually dance together (multiple split screens).  It will be shared on Facebook for us all to enjoy.

    So all we need to know initially is… Do you want to participate?  We’d love to have you!

    If interested, please let us know by Friday June 5th, 2020 and we will send you a more detailed Distance Dancing Information Package on that same day.


    Stay safe and healthy! Keep dancing! Looking forward to your enthusiastic response!



Rainbow Ballroom Toronto


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