Presenting!  Our Distance Dancing!


Rainbow Ballroom Toronto celebrates post-Pride 2020 with our own online Social Distancing Dance video. Eleven dancers participated and rendered their own interpretation of "Let's Face the Music" beautifully performed by George. The participants had just a four-week notice of their inclusion in the production. No question, it was a challenge coordinating the logistics and learning the choreography. It was worth it! Kudos to their creativity, perseverance and team spirit!

Hope you enjoy the video and join us in our next project in the midst of these pandemic restrictions.  Feel free to email us with any ideas for future projects.

Big thanks to our dancers who made this a reality! Well done!

Participants: Xica, Adrian, Karen, George, Cody, Belinda, Ivan, Helga, Lance, Ruby and Mario

Video Editing: George

Instrumental Choreography: Mario


 For the meantime, stay safe and healthy and keep dancing!